Compatibility checks for smooth project running

“Distributed Data Logging" is a concept where external adapters and capture modules are connected to ViGEM data loggers in order to simultaneously record the various interfaces and data buses used in the vehicle. Their project-specific configuration places high demands on the reliable interaction of all devices involved.

In our company's own Test Center we check the compatibility of ViGEM data loggers with Capture Modules. Our experts thus ensure the high-performance interaction of all components used in "Distributed Data Logging".

To ensure the smooth running of your data collection projects, ViGEM offers to check the interaction of your project-specific device combination. This includes compatibility checks with ViGEM CCA devices, external modules and cameras as well as their configuration. 


Configuration of Distributed Data Logging:

- Analysis of the signals to be recorded

- Adaptations to project-specific sensor technology such as RAW cameras

- Creation of offline configurations

- Optimization of data transfer from the vehicle to the cloud

- Adaptation of the CCA software to new requirements

- Trainings. On site or digital

Our engineering services accompany you from planning through field operational tests to the start of production with project-specific developments and adaptations. Please contact us: