New flyer: CCA 9010

Data collection, test drives, prototype development or use in the data center: ViGEM's CCA 9010 is the high-end solution for OEMs and their suppliers for the efficient validation of automated driving functions and autonomous driving. Our new flyer presents application fields and features of this comprehensive all-in-one solution:

  • High-speed data loggers CCA 9010-100 and CCA 9010-50
  • Robust removable data storage S10xxT
  • Fast ingest stations: CCA CS10 copy station and CCA RACK10

To validate innovative driving functions, enormous amounts of raw data from high-resolution cameras, radar and lidar sensors, and automotive Ethernet buses in vehicle networks must be reliably recorded, stored, read out and transmitted in the run-up to SOP (start of production). Permanent cost pressure also requires the efficient utilization of test vehicle fleets, preferably around the clock. To overcome these challenges, ViGEM offers the CCA 9010 hardware and software solution for a wide range of applications:


The distributed logging concept enables the reliable and synchronized recording of raw sensor and camera data at more than 40 interfaces. Multiplication of the performance is possible by cascading several data loggers that are synchronized via the integrated LoggerSync protocol.


During field operational tests (FOT) the CCA devices can be operated by the driver alone. Special features such as the programmable wake-up allow easy start-up of the vehicle. The quick exchange of the robust removable data storage enables the fast transfer to the data center as well as the continuous reuse of the powerful modules.


With its enormous recording rates of up to 25 Gbit/s, the CCA 9010 data logger supports your development of control units or reference setups of vehicle networks. Custom configurations and extensions of the functionality can be implemented by our experienced engineering services.


ViGEM´s sophisticated mobile data handling provides a maximum of data security. When the removable data storage is full or at the end of a test drive, the robust storage module can be quickly exchanged and shipped directly to the ingest station of the data center. The timestamped, prelabled and triggered data is thus available for analysis within a very short time.

Please download the flyer here or contact our technical experts for more information: