March 04, 2020

ViGEM Folder for CCA 9003 and CCA 9010

Product information for free download

Clear. Well-structured. For download: Our new ViGEM folder gives you a short overview of the advantages and differences of the two product lines CCA 9003 and CCA 9010, their main application fields and additional ViGEM services. The information material is available for free download on our website or you can contact us directly:

Both the basic solution CCA 9003 and the high-end line CCA 9010 are designed for uncompressed recording of enormous amounts of data (Big Data). Numerous interfaces for radar, lidar and high-resolution camera data make the loggers the core of a unique data handling concept. The Car Communication Analyzers (CCA) solutions are used by our customers of the automotive industry, their suppliers and partners for the efficient validation and qualification of automatic driver assistance systems (ADAS) as well as in the development of autonomous driving.