Mobile data handling. Data encryption

This brand-new video demonstrates how you can efficiently manage Big Data Logging in test vehicle fleets without losing valuable time for data transfer. Our sophisticated mobile data handling concept allows the quick change of the storage media as well as a fast transfer of the securely encrypted data.

All ViGEM CCA devices, the high-performance data logger, the rugged removable data storage and the powerful copy station, guarantee a maximum of reliability and data security during all phases of data recording and transfer.

When the removable data storage is full or at the end of a test drive, the rugged storage module can be shipped directly to the ingest station of the data center. Due to the shock and vibration tested housings withstanding even the highest mechanical stress, the storage modules can be reused continuously.
At the data center, the ViGEM copy station reads the encrypted data from the removable data storage and copies it to other media (NAS, server, etc.). Neither drivers, nor software, nor a PC connection is required.
In this way, the rugged removable data storage modules can always be on the move and your data will be made available to development teams worldwide in a fast and secure way.

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