Software Feature: Pre-Labeling

For the semi-automatic commenting of test drives, we offer the convenient pre-label function. By means of this valuable software feature, the environmental conditions of a test drive can be defined via the web interface of the data logger. During the test-drive predefined event-labels can be used to both characterize an event and mark it in the test data.

The pre-labels can be pre-configured exactly to the needs of our customers ranging from the definition of own categories, selection fields and images to company-specific wording. You can edit the pre-label specification file which defines all properties of the pre-label process. The pre-label function can also be defined project-specifically so that only certain selection fields are available to the drivers.

The automatic check of the pre-labels ensures that at least one selection has been made for each category and that the data has been provided with the correspondingly defined environmental conditions during test drives. After the transmission to the data center, the collected data including all set pre-labels and event labels are available to the development departments for analysis purposes.