June 09, 2020

Temperature stability of data loggers

Test drives for the development of autonomous driving have to take place under diverse climatic conditions. In order to ensure that our data loggers deliver reliable results in a system-stable manner even under extreme temperature conditions, all individual components are extensively tested for their temperature stability in heating ovens during the development phase.

The functionality of circuit boards, contacts, resistors, and other components is measured at a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity levels using sensors and is controlled electronically to the set target conditions. Only those components that have successfully passed these endurance tests receive approval and may later be integrated into the devices. To qualify for production, the data loggers must also prove their stability as a whole in the heating oven at temperatures of - 25 to + 70°C. "Only those who succeed this test will finally make their way to the customer," reports our test field engineer. The ViGEM devices have been used in development projects for future mobility concepts at well-known automobile manufacturers for several years.

CCA data logger ready for a heat test
Diverse climatic conditions at one touch