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Mobile data handling allows higher utilization of test vehicle fleets

Efficient utilization of vehicles plays a key role in the development of autonomous driving functions

The mobile data handling concept of the automotive measurement technology specialist ViGEM allows the efficient utilization of test vehicle fleets used in the validation of automated driving functions (ADAS) and autonomous driving. It is based on the fast, uncomplicated exchange as well as the shipment of the robust removable data storage devices to the next upload station independent from the vehicle. (Fig 1)


The managing director of ViGEM, Markus Trauth, explains: "Thanks to the robustness of our removable data storages and the mobile data handling concept, our customers are able to reduce the downtime of their vehicles to a minimum compared to other data transfer methods. Test fleets can thus be utilized almost 24/7, which holds significant potential for cost savings for ViGEM customers." (Fig 2)


Fig 1: The ViGEM mobile data handling concept allows the efficient utilization of test fleets

In this way, even the largest data volumes are available to the development departments for data analyses within a very short period of time. The Big Data recorded during the test drives is comprised of environmental, traffic and communication data from high-resolution cameras, various radar and lidar sensors, and automotive Ethernet interfaces. They can now be used in innovative mobility projects or for the development of artificial intelligence (AI).


Big Data Logging Solutions

In close coordination with OEMs and suppliers of the automotive industry, ViGEM develops integrated hardware and software components (Car Communication Analyzer - CCA) for the efficient validation of advanced driving functions. The optimal interaction of high-performance Big Data loggers, robust storage media and fast copy stations, featuring transfer rates of up to 50 Gbit/s, ensures maximum data reliability and security.
For example, the SSDs installed in the high-end CCA 9010 solution with up to 64 TB storage capacity and data rates of up to 25 Gbit/s can continuously record raw data for approximately eight hours. They are thus currently among the most powerful mobile storage media devices on the market. Their shock- and vibration-tested metal housings can withstand even the highest mechanical stresses and allow operating temperatures from -20° to +65° Celsius. (Fig 3)


Efficient validation of innovative mobility concepts

All over the world, automotive manufacturers are gearing up for the mobility of the future. In order to bring advanced concepts such as the Connected Car, V2X or Autonomous Driving safely onto the road, it is first necessary to record, store and analyze enormous amounts of data. To record this data, numerous test vehicle fleets are in operation worldwide and over many thousands of kilometers. In addition to the mobile storage of these ever-increasing volumes of raw data, the fast readout as well as the intelligent data analysis poses ever new challenges to the industry.


With the combination of high-performance products for mobile Big Data logging and a smart mobile data handling concept, ViGEM supports the automotive industry worldwide in the efficient validation of automated driving functions and autonomous driving. The possible 24/7 utilization of test vehicle fleets becomes an interesting (cost reducing) option during the development of safety functions for future mobility.



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Fig. 1: The ViGEM mobile data handling concept allows the efficient utilization of test fleets

Fig 2: ViGEM data logger in the trunk of a test vehicle (Courtesy of BMW AG, Munich, Germany)

Fig 3: The rugged removable data storage of the CCA 9010 solution provides a total capacity of up to 64 TB

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ViGEM GmbH is one of the leading measurement technology specialists for mobile Big Data logging solutions. The integrated hardware and software products are used in the qualification and efficient validation of automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) as well as autonomous driving.
We support our customers in the development of their innovative products, e.g., in the production of individual prototypes, in the validation phase and in product adaptations. For this purpose, we develop integrated project-specific solutions. These consist of a combination of high-performance data loggers, robust removable data storage devices and high-performance copy stations. For more than 10 years, we have been setting new standards in mobile measurement and diagnostic electronics. EVERY BIT COUNTS.




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